Laura English-Brewer



01/26/1947 – 06/06/2023


The Lord called his little girl Laura home today, after blessing me by allowing me to share 30 years of my life with this wonderful woman.

Do not mourn Laura or cry, but celebrate.  She is no longer in pain but is with her mother she never got the privilege to know, her grandparents who adored her and most of all she is at the feet of our Lord who is showering her with more Love than we ever could.

Laura often said I never told her NO, but to set the record straight I did say NO!

No Chickens!  No Horses!  No More Pets! But…then there was Erin (PITA) who brought home cats, dogs, ferrets, gerbils, iguanas and grandchildren.

Sweet dreams my love for tomorrow you will hear “Nana it’s a sunny day”, “Can we go water parking”, and “Can you take me to Myrtle Beach”, “Tell Poppy to send more money we are never coming home”.

Thank you all for being her friend and for all your prayers.  God was listening.

In lieu of flowers and donations please remember Laura by paying it forward.  Find someone who could use just a little something even if it just a smile.  Love God, our country and veterans.  Love your children, teach them well, support and be involved in local charities, children’s programs and reach out and help those in need in our communities.  Laura did this and more.  This is how she would like to be remembered.

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