Monuments & Memorials

Tri-State Memorial Company, formerly Stroyan and Crellin Monument Company, is a privately owned and operated full service monument works that has been in continuous operation since its inception in the 1950's, servicing cemeteries and memorial parks in the Tri-State area and our communities with municipal and civic tributes.

We have an on-site monument technician and a staff to help create lasting tributes. Memorials can be constructed in a wide variety of colored granite, quarried thoughout the world, marble, quarry rock, bluestone and cast bronze.

Tri-State Memorial Company has the knowledge and resources to help you choose a permanent memorial that will stand in honor for generations. We believe each monument requires personal attention while maintaining competitive pricing.

We offer but are not limited to:

  • Mausoleums
  • Upright Vertical and Horizonal Headstones
  • Slants Markers
  • Bronze Markers
  • Bronze or Granite Glass Markers
  • Benches
  • Bevel Markers
  • Corner Posts
  • Custom Cut Stones
  • Crosses

We also provide cemetery lettering, cleaning and repairs to existing monuments. Please contact our office at (570) 296-6811 to arrange for an appointment.

Our display is located at Stroyan Funeral Home, Inc.